What's Your Experience?

The Lifestyle You've Always Wanted Through Your Full Practice Potential

You started dental school with a dream. You learned what it would take to journey down the path of becoming a doctor, only to move on to becoming an orthodontist - complete with dreams and ideas that would change your world and countless lives.


Armed with those dreams and the skills to make those dreams come true, you plunge into the fascinating and often cruel reality of business ownership, as producer, manager, marketer, trainer, leader and host of other roles. You maintain that dream and you may even know what it will take, but there are only so many hours in a day and life has a way of taking over.


The best and most successful leaders and businesses have someone (or many someones) guiding or helping them along the way - allowing them to focus on their passions.


​The very first step in any effective journey is to know Why you're taking this journey, know Where you're headed and know How you plan to get there.


I don't mean in abstract terms here, but very specifically. Too often an orthodontist will finish their training and just start looking to open a practice.


This part of the journey is where we start and work with you deeply to understand

  • Your personal dreams and goals
  • Your professional desires and needs
  • Your strengths & weaknesses
  • Your support structures
  • Your risk levels
  • Your comfort zones
  • and so much more...


This starts with a detailed understanding through what I call "The Blend". It's an intensive process that every client journeys through as we arrive on the answers to those three vital questions from above. Once completed, we have a very clear understanding of how to work together and the process and methods that we will use to get where we are headed.

Another trap that I see orthodontists fall into is the desire (or lack of trust) to wear too many hats. So many in fact, that no one hat becomes recognized for it's unique and distinct value - largely going unrecognized.


The next stage in our journey is to Optimize - this happens through alignment to the Vision that drives you and your practice.

Optimize The Orthodontic Experience


With a solid, aligned and articulated Vision & Strategy, it's time to make things happen.


Every decision made by either a prospect or patient is determine by the EXPERIENCE they have with you, with your team, and with every aspect of your practice.

From the marketing of your services to the initial exam to the Deband process, the experience that people have with your practice is how they make decisions. What decisions do they need to make?


  • Are you the right orthodontist for their family?
  • Will you give me the best results for my investment?
  • Are you going to be aware of what is important to me?
  • Will you and your team meet or exceed expectations?
  • Am I going to like my time with this practice or Love it?
  • Will you treat my kids with love and respect?
  • What am I going to tell others about you?
  • How will I talk about you with my family & friends?


These important questions and so many more are contemplated every day by those who come to see you, and many who don't. They consider the answers to these important questions when they see your ads, call the office, drive by your building, walk through the door, before, during and even after treatment. 


Every question and every answer is entirely dependent upon the experience provided.


Our Coaching is entirely focused on the Experience; for patients, for doctor, and for the team. 


There are and will always be systems and structures, but not just anything - those that are completely aligned to bring about the goals and desires that you have.


To be effective, your team must consistently be aligned to the Vision of the practice, your Vision.

The Ortho Experience Book

Jump start your new experience with Travis' latest book

Available now with an audio book version available. 

Patients Excited to Start Treatment & Share Their Experience With Others

With a solid understanding of Vision, Mission, & Strategy, and with Coaching that will Optimize your Orthodontic Experience - you are now ready to let your community know how to take advantage of the experience you offer.

Advertising and Marketing are integrated components of your Vision and Mission. It's really not just about getting people to call the office or even to come in for their appointment - you want people who are ready to accept treatment.

Effectively getting that word out to the right people at the right time is not as simple as it seems.


When you've put as much effort as you have into making your experience like nothing else out there - I mean truly unique, exciting and spectacular - you want to do everything possible to capitalize on that investment.


Your advertising and marketing are extensions of the orthodontic experience, often the first exposure people have.  


Because this element is so vital, why leave it to chance. You want to have someone working with you that understands


  • Who you are?
  • Why you do what you do?
  • What you have to offer?
  • Why you are so different?
  • Who is idea for you?
  • What you have to offer?
  • How you are devoted to making it work.


Not to be taken lightly, the integration of advertising and marketing to reflect the absolute potential of your practice is what will help you realize the ideal practice we started with.


Included in our Coaching are base elements of both internal and external marketing, with built-in proven campaigns that get you results.

About Your Coach

Travis A. Frederickson

Author of The Patient Experience; 4 Lessons From Disney To Dentistry and now The Ortho Experience; The Key to an Effective Orthodontic Practice


Travis is uniquely qualified to provide Coaching and Marketing support to your practice - helping you provide The Orthodontic Experience (he wrote the book, click here) that will be most effective for your business. His background with Disney, training with the top marketers in the nation, and his experience with hundreds of doctors - he is excited to help.


With more than three decades working with individuals and organizations - helping them become more effective and achieve their dreams, Travis is ready to help you too.


Travis is the author of The Orthodontic Experience and has guided practices to achieve their goals and personal dreams. He has had practices do far more than they ever dreamed possible.


Travis is the recognized expert in how to create an experience in dentistry that will cause patient to accept treatment and refer others.


Interested in having Travis speak your orthodontic group?

In the last 3 years, year over year, I've seen 20% growth [working with Travis] ... That doesn't happen by accident.

Dr. Greg Guymon



C4 Practice Services: The Ortho Experience

What We Do

For one flat fee each month, we provide the Coaching and Marketing you need to make the absolute most of your practice.

Align your teams culture with the Doctor's Vision

Optimize your experience from the initial phone call to case presentation to financials

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan and implementation with your team

Our Goals for You

In addition to your Vision and Strategy, we have a four goals that help guide us in working with you:

  • A practice that operates below 60% overhead
  • The ability to build personal wealth
  • Work with a team that you love and respect
  • Enjoy patients that love to refer to you

We start with YOU.  The first step is to help you determine or refine your personal and professional Vision.  We want to make absolutely sure we are supporting your lifestyle and dream practice.


With a solid and aligned Vision to guide you and your team, we are ready to move to the next step, Strategy.  Setting you up to take the right steps at the right time as you move toward your ideal practice, we help you design a strategy for you and your practice that supports your life-style while moving toward your ideal practice and in-fact, your ideal life.


Each client receives personalized coaching on the areas that align to the goals and objectives created through the Vision and Strategy process.  Yes, there are systems, but those systems must be carefully aligned to achieve the desired result.  We want you to have everything and more - that you want and how you want your practice to be.  


If you are looking for a plug and play model that works somewhere else, this is not going to work for you.


Your life is unique.  Your desires and dreams are unique.  Because we know how integrated your life and business are, we also know what will bring the greatest sustained satisfaction.

If you are ready to make a move toward your ideal practice, and making the most of your LIFE, let's take a few minutes and talk about your dreams. You have to start somewhere and NOW is the time. Click the button below and set up a time for us to talk.